Slab Sawing Edmonton

Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring offers concrete slab sawing in Edmonton using our extensive fleet of slab saws. We can accurately and efficiently cut and remove any concrete and asphalt for trenching and slab removal. Our fleet of slab saws allows us to cut to a depth of 25 inches. We also provide indoor electric slab sawing, which provides fume-free slab removal.  Some of the different applications that we use slab sawing for include:

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    Stone Concrete offers both exterior and indoor slab sawing; outdoor applications use diesel-powered equipment, while indoor projects utilize electric, fume-free equipment. We use slab saws on various concrete surfaces, including concrete floors, roads, sidewalks, driveways, loading docks, and many more.  Professionals most commonly use slab sawing to create trenches to run utilities such as plumbing, electrical, gas, or fibre-optic cables. 

    Traditional use of a jackhammer for concrete slab work is highly inefficient and, most importantly, does not provide the precision cutting slab sawing provides. We utilize slab sawing as a substitute for traditional jackhammering, significantly reducing mess and clean-up time. Trust the team as Stone Concrete for your next project requirement expert slab sawing. Contact us today!

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    Wall Sawing Edmonton

    Stone Concrete offers full precision wall sawing services in Edmonton. If you need to create an opening in a concrete wall, wall sawing, and concrete coring will provide you with all the access you require to complete your project. 

    Wall sawing is an essential part of selective concrete demolition and eliminates the need for noisy jackhammers. Wall sawing allows for precise termination points when separating the structural element from buildings. We use our concrete wall sawing equipment from small residential settings to large commercial projects. Our expert wall sawing operators can safely create any sized wall, slab, or roof openings. Wall sawing applications include:

    Stone Concrete’s wall saws allow us to cut up to 25 inches deep, creating open windows, doorways, walls, ceilings, or various sized openings for ventilation units.  We provide electric and hydraulic wall saws to service any job site requirements.  Wall sawing presents several benefits for our client’s projects, including:

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    Stone Concrete provides slab sawing services in Edmonton. If you require a quote for any slab sawing or cutting, contact the team of experts with Stone Concrete for a quote!