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Whether you’re dealing with a complex project or need a quick service call, our concrete cutting can be counted on to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. Our skilled and experienced team are capable of operating a wide variety of equipment used for concrete projects. Our concrete removal services are clean and efficient as we use the right type of equipment to break up the concrete and then safely remove it from your residential or commercial property.

The days of using jack hammers as the only way to break up concrete are gone.  Today’s process of concrete cutting makes use of newer tools and equipment which provide a cleaner and smoother finish on your concrete, asphalt, or other surfaces.  Some of the equipment that we currently use are:

Diamond Saws

Able to cut through reinforced concrete, metal beams, steel pipes, preliminary cuts for demolition, cutting or extending openings for windows, doors, and shafts.

Slab Saws

Our slab saws can be used for cutting cured concrete, cutting asphalt for excavation, to control cracking as well as creating decorative features.  We use both diesel and electric slab saws which are fully equipped for both indoor and outdoor construction projects.

Wire Saws

These saws are often used when other sawing methods fail.  Wire saws are used for large jobs and operate via a cable with tiny diamond segments. The wire saw is put through pulleys powered by a hydraulic drive.

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