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Stone Concrete is your go to experts for Concrete Coring in Edmonton. If you are looking for an expert concrete coring company, get in touch with us! Our team has the equipment and expertise to complete work on a wide variety of concrete coring projects. We can handle concrete coring projects ranging from 1 to 42 inches in diameter.  Stone Concrete is here for all your concrete coring needs. Contact us today for a free quote! We use Concrete Coring for a wide variety of projects and applications. The applications include, but are not limited to:

Concrete Coring provides a precise cutting alternative when compared to traditional concrete cutting or wall sawing. 

We use Concrete Coring when precise and accurate holes are required. Coring will ensure that the surrounding structures remain untouched and do not lose any of its integrity. Most often used for utility lines, concrete Coring is the best method to get your project done. Contact us anytime with questions about your upcoming project!

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    Concrete experts use Concrete Coring techniques when precise drill holes are needed.

    Professionals use Concrete Coring techniques on slabs, ceilings, and walls at any angle. Our coring system uses a drilling tool made up of a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube to pierce Concrete. Once the coring process is complete, a slug of Concrete has left and a perfect hole with no damage to the surrounding area.

    No coring job is too tricky for Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring. We can handle horizontal and vertical coring jobs. If you require drilling done in sensitive locations or confined spaces, we have electric or hydraulic drilling rigs to accommodate the situation.  For concrete coring from 1 to 42 inches, Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring is here to get the job done!

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    Most concrete cutting or coring projects require a high level of precision. If you are installing utility lines, fibre-optics, or various other applications, you need to ensure that the project gets done the first time correctly.

    Improper core drilling can cause significant project delays and dramatically increase your project costs. Be sure always to hire a professional concrete drilling contractor for this essential aspect of your project. 

    Stone Concrete’s team has the proper equipment, training, and experience to complete your project correctly on the first try, and just as importantly, on-budget! Contact our team today to learn how we can help ensure your next project runs smoothly!

    Concrete Coring can be used for many applications, including but not limited to:








    For concrete coring from 1 to 42 inches, Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring is here to get the job done! Our concrete removal services are clean and efficient as we use the right type of equipment to break up the Concrete and then safely remove it from your residential or commercial property.

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    Stone Concrete provides professional concrete coring services in Edmonton. Concrete coring is used to create access for many applications including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, telecommunications lines, and many more. Call us today for a quote for your concrete coring project!