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When in need of concrete or asphalt grinding, contact Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring. Concrete grinding is commonly used for flooring and road work projects. It is important to use well-maintained, high-performance grinders so that we can accomplish the smooth and even surface you desire. Concrete grinding can be done to different levels based on your exact specifications.

The use of a concrete grinder will help to level out surfaces and prepare concrete flooring for resurfacing. At Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring, we are capable of working on various types of concrete flooring, including garage and basement floors, sidewalks and more. 

With our range of specialty equipment and skilled team, we can grind your concrete surface to level out uneven areas and repair surface damage.


Concrete resurfacing is done to rejuvenate worn and aging concrete. Harsh weather can play havoc on concrete surfaces and over the years, you can expect a certain level of wear and tear.  Over time, the concrete surface can become a bit of an eye sore but that doesn’t mean that you need to completely remove the current structure.

At Stone Concrete, we will bring your old concrete back to life.  Instead of a complete remove and replace, we will look to treat the old surface before applying a new concrete overlay which will make the structure look as good as new.

Concrete grinding is a cost-effective way to extend the life of concrete and asphalt surfaces. Some scenarios that concrete grinding may be necessary are:

  • Uneven concrete and asphalt caused by cracking.
  • Concrete or asphalt settlement and heaving.
  • Epoxy Removal.
  • Exposed Aggregate.
  • Remove Tripping Hazards
  • Treat Heaving Floors That Are Preventing Doors From Opening
  • More...

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