Why You Should Hire a Concrete Removal Company in Edmonton

Finding a reputable concrete removal company in Edmonton isn’t just about finding a place that can quote within your budget. 

When you call around, you should be prepared to have detailed discussions about a company or contractor’s services, work process, safety standards, and more.  

Here are some things you should be asking about before signing any contracts. 

Prepare a List of Questions

If you’re shopping around for a concrete removal company, keep a list of questions and concerns handy. You’ll want to offer as much detail as possible to learn more about the company and get an accurate quote for concrete removal. 

Here are some examples of things you should prepare to discuss before investing in this important job:  

The staff at a professional concrete removal company will guide you and help you understand the best way of tackling the project.  

Suppose a company specializes only in concrete removal and related services, rather than trying to be a “jack of all trades” offering a broad range of services. In that case, they will probably have more in-depth experience in this area and will do a better job. 

Accreditation, Permits, & Licensing

Permitting can be difficult, especially when it comes to heavy work like concrete, and in almost all cases, you need a permit. Check with the concrete removal company to see how they typically handle permits. 

You’ll also want to check with the City of Edmonton about necessary construction permits if you have not already done so.

It would be best to ask your concrete removal contractor about licensing, qualifications, and accreditation details. Concrete removal is a dangerous job, so they should strictly meet all safety standards.

For accreditation, check and see if they are professional associations such as the Better Business Bureau or the Edmonton Construction Association.

Typically a concrete removal company will display details about safety standards on their website. But do not hesitate to ask for (further) proof regarding any accreditation or qualification. 

Customer Service & Reputation

Once you know that the concrete removal company is accredited and meets safety standards, then you’ll want to check about their actual reputation. 

To get a sense of how professional and reliable they are, you can: 

A great concrete removal professional should be happy to answer all of your questions and provide proof when it comes to reputation and workmanship. 

Concrete Removal Services & Equipment

A reputable concrete removal company should be able to offer you information about the different types of services they have on offer. They should also have up-to-date technology and equipment for efficiency and safety. 

Here are some services that most concrete removal companies should have on offer: 

An excellent concrete removal company should be able to describe the type of concrete removal service(s) you need as they give you an estimate. 

Get a Sense of their Project Management Skills

For years, people who have been in the concrete removal business will have their project management skills down to a tee. They should be able to plan a project with you in such a minimally disruptive way. 

Discuss details like: 

If they are busy, this is probably a good sign! But on that note, start shopping around early, especially if you want the job done in peak season. 

Find a Concrete Removal Company that can Guarantee Exceptional Results

Finding the best concrete removal company for the job isn’t necessarily cut and dry, but you may already be at the right place.  

If you’re looking for quality service, professional staff, and a long-standing reputation in the Edmonton area, we are here to help. We service contractors, subcontractors, and construction companies. Call today for a free quote, or request a quote

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Why You Should Hire a Concrete Removal Company in Edmonton
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Why You Should Hire a Concrete Removal Company in Edmonton
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