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Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring was incorporated in 2009, servicing the greater Edmonton area and most of Northern Alberta as customer needs required.

There are various services that Stone Concrete performs around the cutting and removal of concrete.   Our primary focus is horizontal slab sawing which is performed on roadways and commercial applications.  The use of our electric slab saw allows us to continue cutting in the winter months where indoor cutting using diesel or gasoline units is not safe practice. We also provide wall sawing and coring services, for which demand continues to grow with the recent specification changes requiring underground concrete pipes requiring coring during installation versus the previous method of breaking out holes and patching over cut and damage with grout.  Our coring services range from 2-inch width up to 48-inches, which Stone Concrete owns equipment to safely perform.  We are also proud to offer our concrete scanning services.  With safety being a focus for all construction, the ability to see what is within the concrete prior to cutting is paramount and Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring uses the latest technologies to offer this service.

Stone Concrete has built strong relationships with many Alberta companies and it is these same companies that come back to us year over year to work on their projects as they know that they will get a high level of service with us. By focusing on quality of service, competitive pricing and a strong safety record, Stone Concrete is able to remain the cutter of choice for many of these large general contractors, civil construction companies and utility subcontractors.

Owning and maintaining a fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment, Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring is able to continue to service its client’s needs during the peak construction season. While new construction markets have declined in Alberta since 2015 the need for cutting services remains steady with the majority of work coming from maintenance and repair work. At Stone Concrete Cutting & Coring, we plan to not only maintain our targets and workload but grow aggressively as the economy turns around.

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